Help For Home Buyers

Hello Home Buyers!  Contact me when you’re thinking about buying a home.  We’ll search for the homes that have the floor plan and features you’d like to have, that are in the area or school zone you want to live in.  When we find the homes you’d like to see, we’ll set up the showings of the homes for you at a time when it is convenient for you to see them.  I’ll point out any special features or flaws in the homes I notice while we tour them.  I’ll also complete a Competitive Market Analysis (CMA) for you on the home you want to buy, to let you know if the home is overpriced, at a fair market price, or if it’s underpriced.  We’ll prepare the contract offer for the seller of the home, and I’ll explain the different aspects of the contract to you.  I’ll negotiate for you towards your home purchase and will refer you to home inspectors for your home inspection.  We will find your dream home.  Let’s start your search today.

Programs are available that may help you obtain mortgage loans.  You may also qualify for assistance for your down payment and closing costs . Click on the links for more information.  Contact me for help.

Virginia Housing Development Authority

National Homebuyers Fund, Inc.

Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development

Virginia/U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


Below is the contact information for local mortgage lenders.  I believe it’s better for a home buyer to use a mortgage lender that has a brick and mortar office you can go to, where you can meet your agent.  I don’t recommend using an online mortgage lender, who you’ll never meet in person, and who might disappear on you.

Please tell the mortgage lender you choose that you found them through my website!

Integrity Home Mortgage                                                BB&T  Mortgage

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                                          Prime Lending


To finish the process for the purchase of your home, you’ll need a title company.  Title companies protect real estate transactions by handling three important tasks for homebuyers and sellers:  conducting a title search, issuing title insurance, and serving as the escrow office and closing agent for the transaction.  The links below take you to local title companies and provide zip code searches for others.

All American Title                                                             Old Towne Title

McKee & Butler, PLC                                                        RGS Title

Clear Title & Escrow





Information here is provided solely for the convenience of Buyers and Sellers and does not constitute a recommendation.  The Buyer or Seller has the right to select any person or firm to provide such service.  Agent Jim Richman may not have any information as to the reputation or quality of services provided by such persons or firms and may not be knowledgeable of any situations whereby unsatisfactory services may have been provided by such persons or firms.  Agent Jim Richman receives no compensation for referring the services of such persons or firms. Agent Jim Richman and NextHome Realty Select are not liable for any causes of action, claims and demands whatsoever arising from or connected with the services or materials provided by any persons or firms hired by Buyers and Sellers from these referrals.